24 November 2014


oh this guy!


A few scraped-up knees, a pair of really muddy cleats, a good number of points, rebounds, & assists, lots of smiles- three Holliday athletes gain four wins in four games in four days.

And we're thankful for a week off in the the week ahead.

23 November 2014


For it is precept upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, there a little.
Isaiah 28:10

My work is slow and primitive at best, but the hospitality and friendship, rich and enduring. What ever happened to the old-fashioned sewing bee, anyway?

21 November 2014


We've played t-ball, baseball, flag football, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, golf, soccer...
I'm not tired of it yet.

(p.s.- see my girls' coach? She's 33 weeks pregnant, and not complaining even when the game gets closer and closer, down to the last couple of possessions. She jogs onto the court when her player goes down with a rolled ankle. She rocks.)


It's just a little thing, this beautifully simple hand-cut hand-made snowflake, but it was a sweet gift at a moment when it meant an awful lot to me, and reminded me of a much-too-far-away friend who means an awful lot to me as well.


I smile that the trailer for the newest princess movie can still be dreamily magical...

19 November 2014


She came to me before dinner started, holding two papers in her hands. “Teacher,” she asked me in Spanish, “is this good?” I looked at the papers, which screamed in bold-face type, “A $5000 loan has been approved for you!” Easy! Fast! The paper made no mention of the penalties, fees, and sky-high interest rates that typically accompany such offers. The promise appeared so very enticing to my student, who could undoubtedly use extra cash to supplement her very tight budget. I was able to warn her that it was unlikely to be the great promotion that it appeared to be, that in the end she would likely pay much more, perhaps even double, than the original loan amount. “Oh thank you!” she told me, clasping my hands.

Another student arrived, away from class for the last couple of weeks and surprised to find that it was our Thanksgiving dinner night. I welcomed her, so pleased to see her, and asked about her sister, who is also a student. “Please pray for her,” she told me. “She is depressed because she has not been working.” “I will,” I promised. And I am.

One of our students wants to come to classes more regularly, desperate to learn better English, but without family or friends to care for her young and very busy children during class time. Another is seeking out more opportunity to learn, recognizing that she isn’t speaking the language enough but finding few options for formal learning in her everyday life. Every one of our students has a story to tell, the path which led to our classes, the factors which motivate them, the obstacles they face in their quest to master a new language.

As in all of the world, we meet people who have marital problems, who experience family difficulties, who battle constant economic struggles, who face health issues, and so much more. But for a couple of hours each week, our students push those things aside as we gather around a table and stumble over English pronunciation. We learn new vocabulary and unfamiliar sentence structure and the nonsensical irregularities of this non-native language. We laugh together with one another, and encourage each other along the way. We care for one another, and share a small sliver of life together.

And hopefully, with specific intentionality, we share our faith that in this world where struggles are many and real and there are very few EASY! FAST! solutions, we have hope. We believe in the son of God, Jesus, who came to save all nations, tribes and tongues, who offers eternal salvation for those who put their faith in him. What a privilege, to know Jesus, and to know these dear friends as well, to share a bit of their walk along the way.

17 November 2014


we know, we know. by the standards of most other places in these United States, it's not really very cold here. but, we felt just a tiny bit justified when we saw the birds at the pet store puff up and try to stay warm, too.


Two of the most loyal fans a player could ever have, these two.


And then, just as we were approaching the coast of France, a little plane zipped by, white contrail drawing a chalky line across the sky, speeding to cross the Ligurian Sea.


We heard stories that Pope Francis sneaks out of the Vatican at nighttime and goes into the streets of Rome, to meet homeless people, to pray with them.

I wondered if he ever wants to sneak into the Sistine Chapel, but he'd probably be even more annoyed than I was with people talking in not-so-low-whispers and taking surreptitious cellphone photos. Besides, if he wants to go into the Sistine Chapel, the Pope just says so, right?

(I am thankful that I will never be important enough to have to sneak out into the street..)


Doesn't one of the most wonderful parts about learning and experiencing culture come in eating?

The food.
Pizza and cappuccino and bread and pasta and mozzarella cheese and olives and olive oil and wine and...
Almost every day,

16 November 2014


Because, really-
how can you be at the Leaning Tower and NOT try to take this picture?
It's not as easy as one might think, to get a decent shot, the hands right, the tower completely in the frame, no random strangers showing up in the viewfinder.
Yet one more reason to be thankful for digital cameras!

And yes, when we turned the corner and saw the Tower through the wall... yes, I gasped.
(because really, in my mind, I confess, I guess I thought that the Tower stood alone, maybe more like Stonehenge, not in the middle of town, not with shops and a cathedral and A LOT OF PEOPLE right next to it...)


It was very difficult to tell who was the most delighted- the kids, the puppeteer, or everyone else watching them.


"The world is a book, and those who don't travel read only one page."
- St. Augustine of Hippo


I had to smile. Because I can see forward to the time when I might sit on a wall in the town plaza with my friend...

(well, NOT feeding the pigeons. ok, and probably not "sit on a wall," at least, not for very long. but the "with my friend" part, definitely.)

And I had to smile, because I pictured exactly the friends I might be sitting with.

(by the way, I'm pretty sure that none of them would be feeding pigeons.)


“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.” ― Francis of Assisi

05 November 2014


Not much a traveller can do to change the weather, to dissipate fog, to make an impossibly late connection, to speed up the waiting line, to hurry up waiting on hold, to will away the hours of waiting for the next flight.

But you can always admire the tulips.


"I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."
- Susan Sontag